MRE StartMenu


MRE StartMenu is the main part of MRE (Mainmenu with Reaction Enhancements). It can start programs and bring windows to the front, and is completely user definable.
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System requirements:

  • Amiga OS 3.5 or 3.9
  • Popupmenu.library (archives contain 68000 version)

Last changes

V1.30, 23.12.2002 - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH !
  • You can drag Shortcuts onto StartMenu, if the bar is always visible.
  • Some bugs removed.
V1.20, 01.05.2002
  • Added commodity functions (show/hide/kill) and control for all commodities.
  • Added images for window and screen buttons and separate menu for windows (show/hide/activate).
  • Time display reduced to the minimum, no graphical changes while mousebutton is down.
  • New options: overlapping and colour for logo bar.
  • Some bugs removed.
V1.1, 12.01.2002
  • Optional automatical open on each public screen that isn't on the skip list ! "Child menus" are handled by first process, also reload changed preferences and quit with first process.
  • Screen buttons can have a different font/button colour.
  • The active menu item can also have an own background colour.
  • Changed window titles are recognized and shown in taskbar.
  • Menu can be opened at screen top.
  • The distance for popup (from screen border) and hide (from window border) can be adjusted.
  • Opened menu now uses less than 100% cpu ;)
  • System programs start by NOCLI (interesting for DOpus users ;)
  • Some little bugs removed.
  • Shortcut list can be sorted and directly edited, icons are shown as preview.
  • Some new options (see above).


    StartMenu V 1.30292 KB
    See also the
    MRE page for a locale archive of your language.


    Please install the current version, look into the manual, then read the
    MRE FAQ and the following if necessary; if your problem is not yet solved, use the support formular.
    • StartMenu doesn't start!
      This is still a bug of V1.20. Activate the option "ShowWindows". If you work on a screen that has always one open window, it should work.

    Proposals for the next version:

    1. Drag'n Drop for shortcuts