MRE means Mainmenu with Reaction Enhancements. So the main function of MRE is to provide an easy way to start programs and to control the open windows and screens.
But MRE is more than a startmenu: it's a collection of tools which make live easier and improve your Workbench! The biggest and best known part of MRE is ClassAction, one of the best filemanagers for AmigaOS.
MRE uses features available since OS 3.5, for example glow icons, workbench-like program start, and of course Reaction, making the GUI nice and compatible.
MRE is freeware - but you can send me gifts if you want to honour my work or if you want to have additional features.
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System requirements:

  • Amiga OS 3.5 or 3.9
  • Popupmenu.library (archives contain 68000 version)


If you want to translate ClassAction, please check if there is no one already working on it:
  • Dutch : Remco Komduur
  • English : Martin R. Elsner, built in
  • German : Martin R. Elsner
  • Hungarian : Márton Dósa
  • Italian : Arturo Franzin
  • Polish : Mariusz Danilewicz / Pawel Goldyn
  • Spanish : Javier de las Rivas
  • Swedish : Pär Boberg
Send me an email if you can contribute a newer or additional translation.


For single modules please look at the related menu items.
Locale Archives:
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Hungarian18 KB
Italian28 KB
Polish21 KB
Spanish19 KB
Swedish18 KB


Please install the current version, look into the manual, then read the following FAQ if necessary; if your problem is not yet solved, use the formular beneath.
  • I can't enter anything into text fields !!
    This seems to be a problem with the old string.gadget. Please replace it with
    this one (it must be unpacked and placed in SYS:classes/gadgets).
  • The WB start mode doesn't work. I have installed DOpus.
    Unfortunately, some system functions don't work with DOpus. You could remove DOpus or switch the WB start to a NOCLI (QuietCLI) start, what is of course a difference and won't work in all cases. Remember to set the stack high enough (look into the icons tooltypes).
  • Sometimes I can't open a workbench window by MRE functions, e.g. if I want to open the current dir in ClassAction.
    Opening a workbench drawer and starting programs in WB mode is done though the system function "OpenWorkbenchObject" which checks your workbench settings; so opening a drawer on a hidden volume won't work.
  • Why doesn't MRE use the default search path when executing my programs?
    Programs started by CLI inherit the default search path from the parent CLI, but if they are started from workbench, they only have C: and PROGDIR: as path.
    So start e.g. ClassAction by CLI to make it use the default search path. If you can't do that, add the path to all commands that are not placed in C:


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