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ClassAction is a multipurpose filemanager for AmigaOS.
If you have an Amiga, you can't work (fine) without ClassAction !!!!
If you try it, you won't be able to trash it !!!!
ClassAction is a program made to help all hard disk users to handle files:
ClassAction recognize ANY file format and perform actions on it.
With ClassAction, View,Edit,Compile,Run,...... any file with a single click !
ClassAction is provided with more than 40 file formats (gif,jpeg,iff,mods,...).
Of course you can define new file formats, add actions, ..
And even can ask ClassAction to learn itself new file formats !!!
ClassAction features :
  • ClassAction is Freeware
  • Uses Reaction (3.6 used MUI, 2.8 used GadTools)
  • Arexx and commodity port.
  • AppIcon
  • Nice GUI
  • Easy to configure with ClassActionPrefs
  • Analyzer making ClassAction able to auto-learn new file formats
  • Interactive commands with intelligents requesters.
  • AmigaGuide documentation
  • GlowIcons
  • A lot of other cool features you will discover soon ...
So it offers an easy to use platform for AmigaOS !

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System requirements:

  • The current version needs at least Amiga OS 3.5 (because ClassAction uses Reaction; of course it will run on OS 3.9)
  • If you have installed OS 3.1 or less, use the MUI version 3.6.

Latest history

V4.50, 23.12.2002 - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH !
  • Classes can have own images that are displayed in the listers!
  • ClassAction can be opened on an own screen! CAP also uses this screen.
  • New internal command: ADDSUFFIX adds the right suffix to the filename, if its class can be recognized.
  • Extended display of number of selected and available dirs and files.
  • Percent progress display when copying big files.
  • Support for mousewheels.
  • Improved archive handling: Each class may be an archive, so a doubleclick allows browsing them if XAD supports that. Unknown files are treated like archives if XAD recognizes them. Archive tree buffering for faster access. No replace request if viewing files from archives twice.
  • Handling of classes and actions in ClassActionPrefs is easier: You can duplicate classes or copy and paste actions, and additionally export or import single classes!
  • "Key commands" are now called "Tool menu" and are also displayed in the main menu!
  • New options: You can use system requesters by turning off "Reaction requesters". You can select one of 4 date formats for file date display.
  • Copy uses " around files (useful in a shell etc.).
  • Changing prefs doesn't reset the path history.
  • SnapshotWindow uses correct window height.
  • Some other bugs (enforcer hits etc.) removed and optimization done.
V4.40, 01.05.2002 - SURPASSING !!!
  • ClassAction becomes part of MRE ! (the names of helpfile, icon and prefs are now always, mre:executables/, sys:prefs/classactionprefs)
  • Copying, moving and deleting have been completely changed and are now handled internally what means:
    o Correct progress display related to the number of files (optional)
    o Direct abort possibility through the STOP button
    o Possibility to overwrite/delete protected files
    o optional version display when replacing files
    o Precise error display
  • Listers can be arranged vertically and even be resized !
  • New popup menu above the activation bulb with often used drawer commands, and a volume popup over the refresh button.
  • New menu items in the file popup menu: "Open with" (you have to specify your applications on the classes page in CAP) and "Copy to" which allows to copy to any of the predefined paths.
  • New class "Volume" and internal class "Assign".
  • If you select two or more files that belong to the same class, you will get a popup menu for this class if CA can recognize the class via the pattern (no offset search).
  • Paths are not limited any more and can be edited in a user friendly way in CAP.
  • Now file comments are displayed.
  • Files are sorted according to the current locale (ä,,ç ...)
  • The sizes of selected/all files are shown in the status bar.
  • A doubleclick on date, bits or comment will open a ClassAction requester to change these values (and the filename) and show the version.
  • Improved and OS-like Makedir requester; all requesters open in the middle of the screen to enable better mouse access.
  • Improved archive handling: full support for LZX, display and extract for HA, directory dates in lha archives created from youngest file inside.
  • A change of the preferences will now update the whole program (also icons etc. !!).
  • You can show the help file in ClassActionPrefs by menu item or AMIGA-H; popup help for the window objects is available by a new menu item.
  • New internal commands: ROOT goes to the root dir of the current path; TRASH is the same as DELETE, but stores the files in a trashcan directory on the same volume.
  • New variables: the "a"/"A" variables that are replaced by the list of all selected files (e.g. [ab]) and the "O" requesters that are displayed only once.
  • New option: Tab buttons transparent
  • Command definition changed: "Rescan dir" has been replaced by 4 options:
    "Asynchronous": if it is activated CA won't wait for the execution.
    "CD dest": work in destination dir rather than source
    "Read source": reread the source lister after execution
    "Read destination": reread the dest. lister after execution
  • New key commands. Look into the guide for details.
  • Some minor bugs removed.
V4.31, 04.11.2001
  • Bugs removed: Icon commands use correct filename, GETSIZE shows correct size, SNAPSHOT works.
  • Zoom gadget enlarges ClassAction to screen size.
  • Added Czech catalog (thanks to Roman Brychta!)
V4.3, 28.10.2001 - Poppping Uppp !!!
  • optionally 2 or more Path buttons above each lister, working like tabs.
  • Left and right lister are equivalent !! The active list is identified by the green light above it and is mentioned in the hint at the bottom. All commands and actions are working with the active lister if no other option is specified (e.g. PARENT, MAKEDIR, ...).
  • The REFRESH command is now available next to the parent button for each lister.
  • Path menu and lister history have been replaced by popup menus. Press the right mouse button over the parent button for the history and over the path gadget for the path menu.
  • In conjunction, a configurable number of paths are now buffered (at least 10 directories). They will be refreshed by the internal command REFRESH, after internal commands that request refreshing and after defined commands with the option "Rescan Dir". ClassAction remembers the position in the browser as soon as you return to a buffered path.
  • ClassAction now reacts on a diskchange and updates the volume list (can be switched off in the menu and in CAPrefs).
  • The list of actions is not visible; instead:
  • different double click meanings: on the image or on the name : call the standard action on the size : count the bytes (for directories) on the bits : open WBInfo requester to change attributes
  • The actions are now available through a popup menu, shown by the right mouse button. That requires popupmenu.library which can be downloaded at It has a special prefs program to adjust its look.
  • Cut'n paste allows copying filenames to clipboard and copying the files from clipboard into the source directory.
  • Extended menu with edit possibilities, especially cut'n paste and searching via the Workbench Find.
  • Improved key handling with more built in commands: tab switches between listers, cursor keys with shift and ctrl for faster moving, alt + right to move left dir to right lister evv., F4,F5,F6,F7 as shortcuts for volumes,copy,move,makedir. The CAP commands, classes and actions can be browsed with the cursor keys.
  • Fonts and background can now be configured.
  • Softlinks are now shown by a drawer or file icon with arrow.
  • New internal commands : ABOUT shows the info requester. CLIPCOPY first part of cut'n paste. DUPLICATE duplicates the selected files. HELP shows ICONIFY iconifies ClassAction. CLIPPASTE second part of cut'n paste. POPUP opens the popup window with all defined actions for the selected file(s). PREFS opens ClassActionPrefs. QUIT should never be used ;) RENAME renames the selected files, dirs and volumes. SEARCH opens the well known workbench 'Find' in the source path. You can now write the commands like you want, they don't have to be any more in upper case.
  • New options : 'Delete icons' lets you decide if icons shall be deleted with the file. 'Update on changes' tells ClassAction to reload the volume list if it has changed. 'Cached Paths' sets the number of buffered paths. 'Path buttons' sets the number of path buttons above each lister. 'Menu font' sets the font for the popup menus, 'Lister font' the font for the listers. 'Background' takes a pattern file to fill the window.
  • Time is now shown with a comma before to improve the overview.
  • Hints: o If you don't install the new prefs, replace the command for the action 'Directory-Rename' by the internal 'RENAME'; this works also for volumes! o You don't need two icons for devices, makedir and refresh: just remove the lister number from the internal command, and your click will always affect the current (source) lister!
For older changes look in the ClassAction guide.


ClassAction V 4.50OS 3.5, 68020380 KB
ClassAction V 3.6OS 2.0, MUI 3.0185 KB
ClassAction V 2.83OS 3.0125 KB
FTPMount V 1.31OS 3.5147 KB
(With FTPMount ClassAction becomes an FTP program!)
ClassMIOS 3.534 KB
(Alternative icons from Martin Merz)
See also the MRE page for a locale archive of your language.


Please install the current version, look into the manual, then read the MRE FAQ and the following if necessary; if your problem is not yet solved, use the support formular.
  • Version 3.6 is Shareware, isn't it? How can I register?
    ClassAction was Shareware, but now a key file is included in the archive. Just put the file "ca.key" in the directory "S:" and the requesters do not appear.
    Starting with version 4.0 ClassAction is mailware, a keyfile is no more needed.

Proposals for the next version:

  • Import possibility for deficon classes