MRE Softwarenews

This list of news about my programs is closed. All development has stopped due to private reasons. I hope you enjoy using my little tools.
MRE Christmas Edition: The world is not enough!
Nearly half a year has gone since the last big release, now it's time to give you something to enjoy! ClassAction 4.50, StartMenu 1.30 and ProcessManager 1.10 have some often asked useful and nice new features - I don't want to add the whole list, here some details concerning ClassAction:
classes can be displayed as image, own screen possible, improved archive handling, mousewheel support, optimization ... Look onto for a complete list of changes and all archives.
And with this little present for the community that still waits for real "Amiga christmas" (ChristmasOne and Christmas 4.0 ;) I add my best wishes: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year full of new hardware and software! And many thanks to the testers, translators and users who have done their best to make this release possible!
Alessandro Marinuzzi had some interesting ideas and an Italian catalog - so we updated FTPMount which can now be installed without permanent changes to your system - if you want ;)
I must confess that the executable is still the same, but I have just managed to compile it with StormC3 - it's a bit bigger, but I can now make some changes, so if you have some important ideas ...
MRE 1st May Edition:
You had to wait a long time, but I hope you are content with the things I have done meanwhile:
ClassAction 4.40 and StartMenu 1.20 are ready, with many of your proposals implemented. Some changes: ClassAction has an improved way of copying, classes for volumes and assigns, "Open with" and "Copy to" submenus, an own file attribute window, and many little improvements like file comment display and vertical arranged listers. Startmenu has now lost the nerving bugs; it can control commodities, opens on other screens and has an improved window button display.
All MRE modules only contain the English language. I will prepare the translations, they will follow in the next weeks.
MRE Christmas Edition:
The first parts of MRE are ready - just in time for a christmas surprise !! StartMenu (former Choowin), ProcessManager (new process managing tool to replace status and break) and SystemSettings (former MainPrefs) can be downloaded, installed and used, all together or each as single program. Some parts are still missing: Locale archives (that will be available as single archives rather than putting it into the program archive) and guides.
The work on StopMenu was stopped. Instead, Choowin will become a comparable (and later much better) start menu that is the basis for MRE, a project with many expansions. MainPrefs and ClassAction will be integrated in MRE bit by bit.
ClassAction V4.31: Version 4.3 contained unfortunately three little bugs that have been removed. In addition, Roman Brychta has contributed the Czech Translation.
It's getting better and better - ClassAction V4.3 - Poppping Uppp !!!
Some of the improvements: equal functionality of both listers, path buffering, path tabs, cut'n paste, Find feature, edit menu, diskchange detect.
But the subtitle belongs to the new popup menus known from MagicMenu !!! They replace the old and ugly action list, the main menu and the dropdowns.
You will find ClassAction on my homepage, and soon in Aminet.
A German manual has been added.
Work goes on, but it needs more time. I can't say when I can release the next version.
From now on I will continue the development of the start menu StopMenu from Damir Arh. The program will be published as shareware, but you can get a full version at AmigaArena (with some errors I regret).
A new version will probably be ready in the next weeks.
Unfortunately there was a version in the last archive that had still some errors. If your program file has not the date 6th of July, please download the updated archive on my homepage and replace the old program file by the new one.
After a long waiting time it's now time to let the users enjoy: ClassAction V4.2 - The Next Generation! Many proposals have been implemented, such as configurable icons, more images, better archive handling, easy configuration, many many new options, ...
You will find ClassAction on my homepage, and soon in Aminet.
This will not be the last version - I have a list of other features that will be found in V4.3. But for today, accept this version - you can't loose!
I have been interviewed by Andreas Magerl from Amiga Future. You can find the result on the homepage of the well known magazine.
A new version of ClassAction is now available. V4.1 now supports LHA and ZIP archives and uses improved listers with date and protection bits that can be sorted. In addition some bugs have been removed and the popup window has been reorganised.
Choowin is now available as improved version V1.1. The display and handling of the menus has been changed, and the start menu can handle submenus. Further properties can be configured, especially patterns and text alignment.
As add-on to ClassAction, I have made FTPMount downloadable at my homepage. It is an updated Version (1.3) of the program developped by Evan Scott and Thies Wellpott. With FTPMount, you are able to access FTP sites as if they were directories on your harddisk.
Version 1.0 of the little WB tool Choowin is now available on my homepage. It now has an improved look, a start menu (!) and a new tooltype FILTER.
ClassAction V4.0 and MainPrefs V2.20 are now available on my homepage. MainPrefs now offers also the possibility to create or delete variables, and assigns can be inserted or removed directly in s:user-startup.
V 4.0 is nearly ready. I'm still looking for translators who can contribute further catalogs. A list of already available translations can be found on my Homepage
Please send a short email to if you are interested.
After the Installation of BoingBag1 the program seems to have problems when you click on a directory in 'Variables'. The bug has already been removed, the new version 2.20 with further improvements will be available on my Homepage, when the translations are ready.